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Hey guys, it’s Nate and Today I am going to be reviewing an influencer network by the name of Money Genie. So it turns out that this Money Genie has been in the game for a very long time and swears its legitimacy. We’ll see about that, during this review you will be reading on what Money Genie is and it’s legitimacy.

What’s going on here?

First, Money Genie, as I expressed already, Is an Influencer Network that encourages you profit on the web. You are given a referral link that you can share with any and everyone you know. The more people that sign up under your link, the more money you earn. You can also earn money by people just clicking on your link and Money Genie also offers tasks you can complete to earn money as well.

How can it be real?

I understand that it sounds so simple that it could not possibly be true or reliable. But , there is more to it than just the surface. Basically when you share your link and invite people to join you are helping contribute to the traffic of the website. The more people that go on the website, the more advertisements and sponsor money they get. So it is a mutual relationship. You gain and they gain as well. Because you help contribute they end up paying you.

Let’s get interesting

So when I signed up for Money Genie, the process was straightforward. They asked me for my name, a desired username, and an email address. Most of these other sites ask for a credit card or any form of payment but swear they wont charge you but they do. After I signed up, I was taken straight to the dash which specified my tasks and how much I earned so far.

My Process

I was ready to start making money. I completed some tasks but where I really earned was when I shared my link. I’d shared my referral link with everyone I could think of and even those I didn’t know. Because I was committed to this website and I wanted to see if it was actually legit. The more money I make, the less possible they would be willing to pay me was the way I thought about it. But, I was wrong, they actually ended up paying me the amount of money I worked for. I was surprised to receive my funds and in a timely manner as well.

Payment Process

Money Genie’s payout process has got to be one of the quickest I have experienced. They paid me instantly and I absolutely loved it. They offer to pay you in different ways such as Cash App, PayPal , Mailed checks, and even bitcoin. Who would’ve thought that they would actually pay.

How I See it

Money Genie ended up being a blessing. There are so many scams out there it makes so hard to believe anything. But, One things for sure, Money Genie isn’t one of those scams , obviously. I was paid the amount that I was promised and this proves it’s legitimacy.

On the off chance that you don’t trust me… .

Before I was paid, I realized on there website that lots of people have been paid. Of course I didn’t believe it at first but after I got paid I was sure that they’re all legitimate. Money Genie has been paying people for as long as they have been running their website. All over social media, people swear up and down that Money Genie is worth it and now I agree.

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