750review.com Review: Walmart Giftcard Scam?

In this post, we will review 750review.com which claims to give Walmart gift card for free.

What is 750review.com?

There seems to be a giveaway of a $750 Walmart gift card on the website 750review.com. It describes how to redeem the gift card, including entering your mail ID, answering a survey, and taking advantage of suggested offers.


Instead of being a review platform, it appears to be a marketing or promotional website. When accepting such offers, exercise caution as they might ask for personal information and might not necessarily be authentic.

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750review.com Review

Our investigation revealed a number of unfavorable platform inputs, which caused us to question the validity of 750review.com.

1. Dubious Website

In order to complete some tasks on the website, you are taken to a number of dubious websites that track your data without your permission, raising severe privacy concerns and making for a terrible user experience.

2. Lack of Crucial Information

Insufficient contact details on the website make it challenging for users to get help when they need it. In the event that consumers run into problems or require assistance, this lack of openness may be troublesome.

3. Recently Created Website

WHOIS.com indicates that this website was just recently established. The website is fairly young, as evidenced by the registration date of May 8, 2024, for the name 750review.com.

A newly registered domain could raise suspicions because it hasn’t had enough time to establish a reliable reputation.

4. No Information About Operators

Concerns regarding accountability and transparency are raised by the platform’s lack of information about its operator. Often in genuine websites, the operator is upfront in promoting the services or products of the website.

5. Lack of Feedbacks

There aren’t any user comments or reviews of the platform on other websites. Genuine user reviews are crucial for establishing credibility and trust. Without it, prospective users would not be able to confirm the platform’s efficacy or validity.

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We believe that 750review.com is a deceptive website that should be avoided.

A number of red flags are raised by 750review.com, including privacy issues brought on by shady redirection, insufficient contact details, a recent domain registration, a lack of transparency regarding the site’s management, and the absence of user reviews.

These problems imply that visitors should proceed cautiously when using the website.

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