Blum Coin Review: Legit or Another Scam?

This post will review the Blum coin which claims to combine the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

What is Blum Token?

Blum Token is a venture of a new hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform called as an exchange platform is designed to offer a seamless trading experience with both on-chain and off-chain functionalities, allowing users to trade with higher flexibility and security​. website

It allows automatic token listings, pulling data from reliable protocols to provide universal token access, and supports trading from mobile devices via a telegram mini app​.

Before the official launch of the Blum token, users can earn Blum Points through various activities on the Blum Crypto telegram bot.

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Blum Token Review

After extensive research on the Blum coin, we found various green flags. Let us know them one by one.

1. Founders are Upfront

Blum Coin was founded by Gleb Kostarev and Vladimir Merkis. Positively, the founders are active on many social networking sites including LinkedIn. Dubai is also the operating location for the Blum exchange.

2. Immense Popularity

The All Crypto One app, a telegram channel, has an astonishing 8.1 million users, as you can see when you visit it.

Furthermore, the domain received 195K visits in April 2024, according to These numbers suggest that the cryptocurrency community finds it well-known and has a sizable following.

An airdrop needs to gain popularity in order to become a profitable listing.

3. Early Stage

Blum coin is still in its early stages, but for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this offers a great chance. In this stage, users can experience Blum points firsthand and benefit from the coin’s lower mining difficulty.

This enables them to amass a big sum of Blum coin prior to it perhaps gaining a larger audience like Tapswap or Hamster Kombat.

4. Good User Engagement

The Blum point system on the platform encourages users to participate actively. From the beginning, this incentive system encourages user loyalty and engagement, pushing users to become more interested and invested in the community.

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Blum coin is a promising financial platform, has a strong following, and provides the identity of operators but lacks contact information, legal disclaimers, and terms of service.

It may allow free airdrop points, but uncertainties in listing dates, pricing, and withdrawals should be considered by its target users.

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