Cancel Culture : is it a good thing or bad?

Cancel Culture Is Only Getting Worse

Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Here we like to talk about all things revolving around the internet world and today I want to touch on a sensitive topic which is CANCEL CULTURE. Now, by this point we should all know what cancel culture is, basically if you are a celebrity or someone with a platform and end up saying something offensive or doing something wrong the internet will deem if you are hereby cancelled or not.

It has happened to so many artists, some may have been affected by it while others did not face any immediate consequences other than nasty and hateful comments. I want to find out all you guys/girls opinions on the whole cancel culture issue. 

Personally , I feel like “Cancelling” someone does not allow them to learn from their mistakes. We put celebrities on such a pedestal that we tend to forget that they are human as well and are allowed to make mistakes just like me and you. I think cancelling happens way too quickly and before we decide to  cancel someone we should allow them to correct their mistake first. Cancel Culture is toxic in itself and has given power to those who feel the need to excerpt it whenever they can. We all are human and tend do stupid things and say dumb things as well, it is what we do after we learn that we are wrong we should be judged by. I think we should be given a second opportunity to fix mistakes. 

Now that you all know my stance on this topic, what is yours ? How do you feel about cancel culture in today’s society ? Do you think cancelling someone is effective ? Which one of your favorite celebrities have been cancelled due to something they said or did wrong and were not given the opportunity to amend it ? 

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