CashJunky : is it Legit?

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CashJunky Legit

Hello and welcome to my humble blog! I am glad that you entrusted me in finding out the legitimacy of websites that claim to make you money. Everything you read here is my true review, stemming from my own experiences with these websites. Not always do I find a website worth writing about, but CashJunky is an exception. 

What is CashJunky?

CashJunky Logo

First off, let me start by saying that you’ll have probably found out about CashJunky the same way that I did, through one of your friends. It was actually my cousin who referred me to the website, after showing me just how much they were earning from what they called “The greatest survey site of all time”. In my opinion, he may have overexaggerated a bit, but that doesn’t take away from the spectacular nature of CashJunky. 

Now, when you head to their website, you’ll see just what all the praise is about. The website makes it clear on everything CashJunky, helping you sign up quickly and without effort. You’ll also have access to testimonials and reviews. Organization is the key to success, and CashJunky follows through with that idea in all its elements. 

Sign Up

Sign Up CashJunky

Once you do sign up (with only an email address), you’ll be given your sign-up bonus, as well as access to your own referral link and dashboard. This referral link is connected to your account and gives way to your referrals and clicks. You can choose to share this link however you want, but my own personal recommendation would be somewhere with high volume or high traffic. I put it under Snapchat stories, and also sent it in group messages whenever possible. Don’t forget that you earn money for just clicks on your link. People signing up from your link earns you even more, and when they complete tasks, you even earn commission. Absolutely everything is great about this referral link. 

Social Media

Social Media CashJunky

The best part about CashJunky is the social media aspects, which really contribute to your earning potential. 

Posts on social media bring attention to CashJunky, helping you earn as well. These are basically sponsored posts, but on your own schedule. You can also choose which social media website you want to post to, and how often. You can earn a minimum of $15 per post, making this very lucrative. If you’re a creative type, you can even create and edit your own videos to post, some of which may be featured on their website. Even attach your referral link to the posts for maximum profit. 


Aside from earning from your referral link, your main way of earning is through tasks and posts. This survey site has many different offers and apps that you complete or try out to earn. Unlike other websites, these actually pay you more than a few cents, making earning a lot possible very quickly. These offers can be completed from a computer, your phone or even a tablet.

This means that you can earn anywhere you have a network connection. Also, your dashboard makes it easy to track how many offers you’ve completed and also how much you’re earning. The organization is key again. 

The offer wall is my favorite way to earn on CashJunky because of the high payouts per survey. These pay the most on the website, making it the best, right? The surveys are also all free and take no time to complete at all. I’ve never had a problem with surveys, but my cousin did tell me that when he did, he simply contacted a support manager to help.

These managers help in all aspects of the website, so contact them or look at CashJunky’s FAQ page or help videos if you ever have a problem. But like I was saying, the offer wall is simply the best. (There are so many games that you can download that pay you to just try them)


What’s even more special about CashJunky is how they pay. Other survey sites require you to add up points or cash out through gift cards to receive your payment, but CashJunky sends all your earnings directly to you. You choose which medium to get paid through, and then you receive your money. It’s that simple and it eliminates any potential mishaps. This makes it a very reliable source of income, a great financial supplement. 


Final CashJunky Review

I refer CashJunky to anyone looking to make money online from home, especially in these trying times. It’s a great alternative to other survey sites, and hasn’t let me or any of my referrals down yet. Try it out today and stay safe guys!

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