SurveyJunkie : Scam or not ?

SurveyJunkie is a survey site that is meant to help users online make money. The way it works is that they provide users with surveys to complete and in exchange they pay their users for doing such. The point of this entry is to find out whether or not they are actually paying people for the work that they do online and not just wasting people’s time or even worse scamming them out of their…
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SurveySavvy Review : Is SurveySavvy legit ?

Welcome back to the blog, this time around I will be reviewing a survey site by the name of SurveySavvy. I will be finding out whether or not this website is a legitimate earning option online. A lot of websites mask themselves as legit but only to end up being a complete…

SocialEarn a Scam ? Reviewing Social Earn to find out

Hello guys and welcome back to the blog. Here at scam finder we like to find ways you can earn money online and find out whether or not websites are worth your time and patience. Today we have a very interesting site called SocialEarn. This site has been buzzing for…