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Domestic Violence and the signs

Welcome back everyone! Thanks for stopping by again, today I’ll be talking about something a bit different. I’d like to shed some light on an issue that affects millions a year. Domestic violence is no new construct and is at an alarming high rate to this day. All genders and ages are susceptible to domestic violence , which is why it is important we discuss ways to combat it.  What is…
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Instacart and its advantages

Hey everyone! I usually don’t cover topics like this but this was too good not to share. There’s an app called Instacart which allows users to shop for and/or deliver groceries for others. Everybody needs to look for food. That may be a day by day trip after work or…

Cancel Culture : is it a good thing or bad?

Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Here we like to talk about all things revolving around the internet world and today I want to touch on a sensitive topic which is CANCEL CULTURE. Now, by this point we should all know what cancel culture is, basically if you are a celebrity…