Nice Cash is a Scam.

NiceCash. Another one


Why do I even bother anymore. NiceCash can explain their lies to you themselves just by looking at their website. Now while a website isn’t even to expose something as fraudulent, there’s nothing authentic there. No original testimonies. No original names. No original images. Honestly, if you replaced the name NiceCash with KashTree on any of their pages, I wouldn’t notice a difference. If we’re being honest, this is probably with they did as well. 

I don’t understand how these sites can even fathom making any sort of money off you in this way. They put no effort into their scams that at this point, it’s disrespectful. 

This site popped up in September of 2019, with no backing to its name nor its claims. They aren’t even worthy of this review. 

More Flags

  • Social media links do not work
  • No presence on any social media
  • Exact same copy-paste descriptions present everywhere
    • FAQ is no different from other clones
  • Same color scheme
  • Same stolen payment proofs
  • Same grammar errors
  • Unfinished webpages
  • Same terms and conditions
  • Basic logo
  • No originality present anywhere
  • Same brands that they “work with”

Look elsewhere guys. This wasn’t what any of us expected. I used to give scammers credit for their effort and their convincing ways, but NiceCash can’t even do that right. Honestly, you’d be better off ignoring their site completely.

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