PaidCashTo: Find Out Is PaidCashTo a Scam website or no


Review on PaidCashTo, the buzzing survey site that has garnered quite the attraction these past couple of weeks. Is PaidCashTo a scam or is it legit ?

PaidCashTo Scam?

PaidCashTo is a website that gives you tasks to complete and in return pay you for your services. These tasks are simple tasks that can take up to 10 minute intervals to complete. The tasks include downloading new apps, sharing a referral link, completing surveys, and also posting on social media.When it comes to downloading new apps, PaidCashTo has an offer wall on their dashboard with new apps available to download that they pay you up to $50 for each. Also located in the offer wall is surveys to complete which take a short amount of time to get done.The third part to making money on the website is to invite others using a referral link. 

This referral link is given upon signing up.Final part of PaidCashTo is posting about them on social media platforms. 

How much can you earn ?

Everyone wants to know if there is actually an advantage to this site. Do you actually earn money and if so, how much ? PaidCashTo gives the opportunity to earn as much as you want, as long as you continue to complete all tasks the correct way and keep sharing the referral link that is assigned upon sign up. The earning potential with this website is massive. The big question is does this website actually pay ? 

The Process of Earning on PaidCashTo

The process of earning on PaidCashTo is a simple one. The website simplifies everything for the consumer in order to be able to easily understand what it takes to actually earn money on the website. The consumer is given a plethora of opportunities to earn money. These opportunities include signing up, having others sign up, downloading new games and apps, completing online surveys, and posting on different social networks. 

Signing Up 

Signing up is the easiest way to earn money from the website. Users win $25 just for signing up. The sign up process is a simple one. All that is requested is First Name and Last and email along with desired username and password, pretty simple. 

Downloading New Apps

PaidCashTo offers many different ways to earn money with them. They have an offer wall located in the dashboard. The offer wall consists of new games and apps to download in order to gain money. Users can earn upwards of $60 for every new app downloaded.

Completing Surveys 

Just like downloading apps, the surveys are also located in the offer wall. Surveys generally take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Once completed users are rewarded tons of money for each. 

Posting all over Social Sites 

The final way to earn on this website is by posting about PaidCashTo on social media apps. Posting content about the website on several apps such as Instagram,Facebook, Snapchat, twitter and more can earn members tons of money. 

Does PaidCashTo actually pay you ?

The biggest question to ask is, does PaidCashTo actually pay ? PaidCashTo does in fact actually pay their members to perform tasks. Word of mouth not enough ? After doing my research online, I found out that several thousands of members have been on this website for a while now and have been getting paid from this website. There are proofs of people’s payments all over the internet on all different platforms. 

What’s so good about PaidCashTo ?

  • Survey Site that actually pays its members.
  • Easy Tasks to complete in order to be paid.
  • Earn as much as you possibly want on the website. 
  • Rewards for top earners

What is bad about PaidCashTo?

  • No mobile app but is still available on the go with web-browser 


To fully summarize The PaidCashTo website , it is an online survey site that pays to complete lots of tasks such as downloading apps and games, filling out surveys, sharing a referral link, and posting online about the website.

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