Raterpulse.com Review: Real or Fake Site?

In this post, we will review, Raterpulse.com, a platform where users can earn money by reviewing products.

Now the question arises, Is Raterpulse.com a trustworthy platform or potentially a scam?

In this review post, we will explore the legitimacy of Raterpulse.com to help you understand if the site is legit or a scam.

What is Raterpulse.com?

Raterpulse.com is a platform where users can earn money by reviewing products.

Raterpulse.com claims that users can earn up to 3 dollars for each review they submit.

Users can join the platform by signing up, and they have the option to review products from various partners like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, and more.

To review a product, you need to select items you are interested in and provide honest feedback based on your experience.

The reviews typically involve answering specific questions, rating various aspects, and sometimes writing detailed comments​.

According to the website, the minimum payout is 85 dollars once you reach this amount, you can withdraw your money, and payments are processed within 24 hours of your request.

Website Profile

Known as Raterpulse
Services offered Earn money by reviewing
Registered on6 May 2024
Contact Email 

Raterpulse.com Review

After extensive research on Raterpulse.com, we found various red flags. Read all these red flags to understand whether Raterpulse.com is legit or a scam.

1. Inadequate Interface

When you open the raterpulse.com website it takes a long time to load. Once it does load the site often displays a service unavailable message particularly when users attempt to click on various links or navigate through the site.

This lag and frequent downtime not only frustrate users but also suggest inadequate server resources and poor site maintenance.

2. Recently Created Website

According to Whois.com, the domain raterpulse.com was registered on 6 May 2024, which means that the website was created recently.

3.  Lack of Contact Support

When you attempt to access the Contact Us page it fails to open and instead displays a message indicating that the server is unreachable.

This issue suggests potential problems with the website’s reliability and raises concerns about the company’s customer support and responsiveness.

4. Negative Reviews

When we searched for reviews about raterpulse.com on the internet. We found various negative reviews about it on the platforms like Trustpilot.

Most customers complain that when I complete my 85 dollars the website is not opening. Other than this, customers are saying waste of time.

5. False Claims

When checking the home page of raterpulse.com they have written that they are trusted by millions of users and rated it 99 percent review quality. But failed to provide the evidence and made it a misleading claim.


In our opinion, raterpulse.com is a scam and not a legitimate platform.

It raises several red flags like the website takes a long to load and once it loads it doesn’t work properly, recently created, there’s no easy way to contact them if you have a problem.

People have complained about not being able to access their money and feeling like they wasted their time. raterpulse.com appears to be a scam and not a legitimate platform.

We advise against using it.

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