Referral Pay is a Total Scam

So, you came here looking for information about Referral Pay. Well, you came to the right place. Here is my review on Referral Pay, a site that claims to pay you for your referrals. Legitimate or a scam? Let’s find out together. 

The Basics

Referral Pay is a “do-earn” site, where if you complete offers, you earn money. Now whether you actually receive this money is another question. I found that Referral Pay actually has an enticing offer with the claims on its site, as well as the appealing website. The business model is what’d you expect from a site of this nature. You supposedly earn money just from your referrals (a pretty self-explanatory name). 


I actually really liked Referral Pay and their website. What they offered wasn’t too outlandish, but it was intriguing. What I didn’t like was the ambiguous payment. 

Sign-up was the basic. Email, username, password, blah blah. After this I was greeted with a dashboard that I’ve seen plenty of times at this point. Here, Referral Pay offered a $25 sign-up that was a bit glitchy at times. The money would disappear and reappear on my dashboard at random instances. Other than this, I didn’t notice anything off. Until I looked further. 

Here is where I discovered the truth. Referral Pay is, at the most basic, a clone. Yes, that’s true. Referral Pay has followed in the steps of other clones before it. I found the exact same descriptions and testimonials on other pages before. They are a convincing clone, which I give props for. Actually, after doing further research, they were cloned. But, that doesn’t excuse their scams. 

Red Flags

I found the biggest red flags where you’d expect it most. Their social media presence is gone. This either indicates a lack of a following that they claim they have, or a disappearance. Either way, they’re ghost. 

Also, I found errors in their privacy policy and terms, where I found a few mistakes,

Experience cont…

Giving them a chance to prove their worth, I completed a few offers and sent a few referrals. Like they claim, I “earned” money for my influence. Was I paid for this said influence? No. What a waste of time.

Despite their claim for instant payment, you’ll actually find no payment. I guess it’s instant, since that was their intention.

Final Statements

Steer clear. Vamoose. Run. Just plain no. Despite the fact that they were cloned, they are still a scam. Maybe at one point, they were legitimate. But, as of this point in time, the clones are overshadowing them. Avoid the clones and avoid Referral Pay.

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