SurveyJunkie : Scam or not ?


SurveyJunkie is a survey site that is meant to help users online make money. The way it works is that they provide users with surveys to complete and in exchange they pay their users for doing such. The point of this entry is to find out whether or not they are actually paying people for the work that they do online and not just wasting people’s time or even worse scamming them out of their information. Read more to find out whether or not they are a scam or an actual legit website. 

SurveyJunkie, What is it ? 

SurveyJunkie is a rewards program that incentivizes users to complete surveys online. We see a bunch of survey sites like these daily and wonder whether or not any of these are legit or a scam. Most of these websites with this same function end up scamming users out of their time and in some extreme cases, their money. Our job is to prevent that from happening or further happening if it is already. 

SurveyJunkie Features 

  • Build your profile & they’ll match you to surveys.
  • Complete surveys and earn virtual points.
  • Redeem virtual points for PayPal or e-Gift Cards.

What others have to say about SurveyJunkie 

SurveyJunkie has gained quite the following over the years. With a loyal fan base that can vouch for them. SurveyJunkie’s reputation seems to remain intact and there are little to no claims of the website being fraudulent. In fact, there are people who have been earning money with this website for years and love it. People love this website and have been earning from it for years now and won’t stop now. 

SurveyJunkie, Legit or quit ? 

As stated before, SurveyJunkie is a legitimate earning website. This website has been around for years and helps others gain money online by completing surveys. SurveyJunkies members can vouch for the legitimacy of this project and their love for it as well. If you are looking to earn money online SurveyJunkie is definitely a good option to earn online. Thank you for reading this blog, on to the next legit or quit website.

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