W-coin Telegram Mining Legit or Scam?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have drastically shifted to telegram games as mining platforms for tokens, but confusion arises about their proper usage and potential risks.

In this post, we will examine W-coin, another Telegram-based cryptocurrency mining platform, and advise you on whether or not to depend on it.

What is W-coin?

W-coin is a mining bot that allows users to choose their preferred blockchain from Solana, Ethereum, or Ton, using a telegram bot for coin accumulation.


The airdrop has just arrived recently in the market that’s why it has become a subject of concern.

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W-coin Mining Review

Our investigation revealed many drawbacks with the W-coin Telegram bot. Apparently, some of them are.

1. No Whitepaper

W-coin does not yet have a whitepaper accessible. The whitepaper provides comprehensive information about the airdrop as well as in-depth details about the blockchain technology being used.

Ultimately, it helps to establish trust among its target users

2. No Public Website

W-coin does not have a website; instead, it only uses Twitter and Telegram to advertise and inform consumers about its activities. This is in contrast to other cryptocurrency websites that use a variety of digital platforms to do the same.

3. No Contact Support

W-coin does not provide email support or any other kind of communication. If you are experiencing problems with the Telegram bot, you are unable to file a complaint regarding your mining problem.

4. Slow Earning

Numerous users who have given it a try criticize the bot’s poor earnings and the fact that it pays out referrals much less than other Telegram mining bots.

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Although the decision to use it or not is entirely yours, our advice states that you shouldn’t anticipate making a lot of money with it quickly.

When utilizing it, make sure your expectations are clear.

In terms of validity, W-coin carries some dangers and is not very reliable. It doesn’t hurt to gather free airdrop cash but don’t hold yourself in high regard.

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